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Hassan’s story

My name is HASSAN Ait Bounacer. Born and raised, I am of the Berber heritage and I’m immensely proud to have our family generation’s roots based in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, in the village of Imlil, the hiking gateway to Mount. Toubkal, and just one hour from the bustling city of Marrakech.

As I think back to my early childhood growing up in the mountains, I reminisce guests visiting our family home where we would welcome and host their presence during their backpacking expeditions and their travelling excursions providing us with immense opportunities experiencing such gatherings. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have travelled along with my father giving me additional opportunities to explore gaining further experience and memories…From late nights camping in tents in the Atlas Mountains enjoying traditional Berber entertainment, to camel riding whilst watching remarkable sunsets and sunrises in the golden dunes of the Sahara Desert, have built everlasting memori

My father, Mohamed, has spent over the past 30-years guiding guests on their trekking experiences across Morocco, particularly the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. From the northern cities of Fez to the coastlines of Agadir, from the small town of Essaouira to Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains to the golden Sahara Desert.

We have been so fortunate to travel across Morocco and having such amazing opportunities of meeting fascinating and diverse people and seeing some amazing places that we just can’t wait to share with you.

Now, together, with our hospitality and tourism experiences, my family aspire to bring you a provision of new, refreshing and exciting authentic trekking and hiking experiences and excursions within the best of Morocco and of course, our home and our life, the Atlas Mountains.

With our knowledge and experience of the wonderful and rural Atlas Mountains, the vibrant and bustling City of Marrakech, the legendary, the serene Sahara Desert and the 4,167 m summit of Mount. Toubkal (in which collectively, and proudly, we have reached more than 300 times). It is our mission as citizens that we endeavour to not only increase extensive travel opportunities within our nation to guests from around the world, but to promote and support sustainability as well as the development of our communities by providing locals with increased opportunities.

It is our passion at Amazigh Voyage to provide you with the most mesmerising experiences on our trekking, walking and hiking tours and activities whilst sharing the Atlas Mountains and Morocco, the captivating Berber culture and its exceptional breath-taking surroundings with you and we look forward to welcoming you and hosting you throughout your exciting journey.

MOHAMED  Ait Bounacer
Founder & Director

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