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Imlil & Valley Azzaden

per person

This excursion is our three-day two-night starting the trek at 1740 altitude. Perfect for those who aspire to trek and explore the beautiful Atlas Mountains for a duration longer than one day but unable to fit in a week’s trek…

per person

This excursion is our three-day two-night starting the trek at 1740 altitude. Perfect for those who aspire to trek and explore the beautiful Atlas Mountains for a duration longer than one day but unable to fit in a week’s trek.

You will start in the centre of Imlil at an altitude of 1740m and will trek pass the wonderful villages of Tizi Mzik, the waterfall of Azib Tamsoult, Arghan, the rivers of Tizi Oussem, Tizyan, Tizi N’Tacht and Imi Oughlad with your overnight stays both in Tizyan and Azib Tamsoult. This excursion offers trekking through various traditional villages, living through natural agriculture of waterfall and rivers and stunning views with a great altitude.

This excursion will include approx. 6.5 hrs of trekking over the course of two days ​and may suit those who enjoy scenic views, trekking and on occasions, hiking, on variable terrains. Depending on your fitness level, some experience may be required, however no intense experience or training required.

N.B. Overnight accommodation: Overnight accommodation is generally either tent or the local refuge/guest house. These options will depend on the season and the weather conditions. Experiences that include camping will include the tent materials and mattresses.

Following your excursion, there is the additional opportunity to stay or dine in our sister guest house in Imlil for those who wish to relax and explore even further either prior or following their trekking expedition.

Excursion Information

Title 3 Day Excursion – Imlil & Valley Azzaden
Duration 3 days and 2 nights
Start First day Start: 8.00 collection
Last day Finish: 18.30 arrival to Marrakech
What’s included Transport from Marrakech return
Overnight accommodation and camping equipment throughout excursion
Friendly, experienced and professional mountain tour guides
Tour guide
Health and safety certified guides
Nutritious and fresh main meals
Mules & Muleteers
Walking duration Approximately 15.5 hours throughout the duration
Altitude 2489 m (highest point)
Level of difficulty 2.5/5
Price – 1  person – £336 / €377
– 2-3 people – £195 / €219
– 4-6 people – £163 / € 183
– 7-8 people – £140/ € 157
– 9-15 people – £119/ € 133
Would I require travel insurance We recommend you purchase the appropriate level of personal insurance that is right for you.
Do I need immunisations? We recommend you check at https://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/destinations/africa/morocco.
How old do I need to be – are there any age restrictions? We recommend the minimum age for this adventure is 10 with parental guidance depending on their health and ability. All under 18’s should be accompanied by a supervising adult. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further.
Will it be too tiring for the children? The longest you will be on your feet for is 3 hrs. If this becomes too much for your children, then there will be mules on hand for a couple to ride back to the accommodation – please contact us to discuss further.
What are the accommodations like? There will be two people per tent when camping including mattresses. The refuge rooms are usually set as dormitory style. Please contact us if you have other preferences.
Do I need to arrange my own flights? Yes, everything required for the excursion is included except international flights. Your guide will be in contact to meet you the evening before your scheduled excursion to take you through the itinerary and details of your route. You will be collected early on the morning by our transport and taken to the first meet up location. You will also be taken back after the excursion.
What equipment do I need? Appropriate clothing and footwear suitable for hiking and sleeping bags in temperatures from -2C to +19C in winter, +12 to +30 in summer and you can expect -15 on summit days with windchill.
Can I leave my bag at the accommodation? Yes, you may leave any luggage you won’t require in our guesthouse in Imlil.
Do I need to carry all my stuff up the mountain? We recommend leaving extra luggage not required either at your accommodation or in our Imlil guesthouse prior to your excursion. There will be mules for the guides use to carry luggage and may be able assist to carry some of your luggage. The muleteers work really hard to ensure the fair treatment of their mules, so weight limits do apply.
Am I fit enough? Most short treks can include around up to 3.5-hour treks at a time. Some of the of medium treks can include up to 9 hours. Some of the longer days are longer hours so you may need a good level of fitness. We recommend training with walking a few times per week in the run-up to your trip. There will be many breaks and stops and at times, and at times, you may have the opportunity to purchase drinks when going through villages.
Can I explore Marrakech during my time there? You’ll be collected on the morning of the booked trek. There are lots to do and see in and around Marrakech. As this excursion is for 3 days it would be worthwhile using this time to make most of what Morocco has to offer. However, please message us for some recommendations and advice.
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